Self - Care

Take good care of yourself and be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Take care of the breasts as the most important thing after the baby is born is to breast seed him/her.

Start with Sleep

The pregnant women might need extra sleep at night (a few hours extra!) or could benefit from taking some naps during the day (note that some means more than one). Even if you are working full-time, try taking a thirty-minute nap before dinner.

Talk Back

When your baby arrives, he or she won't be shy about demanding your attention. Making time for self-care will only get more challenging. Use this time before the birth to notice how you talk to yourself about self-care and to practice positive self-talk. You are worth it.

Pamper Yourself

Look for a masseuse who is trained in pre-natal massage and ask around for recommendations.

Practice Yoga

Remember that in the early months of your pregnancy, it might be not obvious that you're expecting so it's important to let know so that they can provide you with safe modifications.

Move Your Body

In addition to yoga, other types of exercise are a great way to take care of yourself when pregnant like spending a lot of time walking on the treadmill and listening to music, Swimming, gentle weight training, or indoor cycling on a stationary bike are all safe options for pregnancy.

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