In today’s era there is a need and importance to educate mothers. None of the mothers prepare themselves for taking care of their babies. They do not realise the importance of breastfeeding and do not try to understand the basics. So, after the baby is born, most of the mothers face a lot of problems like: feeding difficulties, handling the baby and unable to take proper care. All these situations lead to the idea of beginning of this program.

So, we launched MAATRITVAA.

First-time mothers-to-be often have lots of questions and even some worries: Will my baby know how to breastfeed? How do I care for a new born? Classes to prepare you for childbirth, breastfeeding and infant care are great ways to lessen anxiety and build confidence.
MAATRITVAA is a special and unique program aimed at empowering mothers, making them more confident and knowledgeable for the new beginning.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The women existed but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new. So, she needs support which will be provided by us through interactive sessions.

Prenatal classes are open interactive sessions where parents to be get to clarify a lot of questions related to baby care and prepare themselves for welcoming the new member with full enthusiasm.

Whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed is an important choice to think about before you have your baby. Ask your doctor about the benefits of breastfeeding for both you and your baby and who can help you learn how to breastfeed.

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